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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Randomness of all randomness, with some boring thrown in {our weekend in review}

1. Thursday: Took Nat to school, took Brady and headed over to Kelli's for some fun and pet shopping, Brady wore his cape almost the whole time (it came off midway through the pet store so he could swim like a fish), mmmm Taco Bell, mmmm Mmm baby Corgan, went back to pick up Natalie, nap time, watched the kids play jungle gym on Uncle Jason, braved Chuck E. Cheese for pizza (meh) and games (woot!) and came home bursting with loot, three lollipops for Brady (that's all he wanted) and a necklace, ring and sparkly comb for Natalie, crashed into a sweet slumber, mmmm bed.

2. Friday: Dusted the living room, did ALL the laundry, vacuumed, played, cleared off the bar (that thing is like a stuff MAGNET, I tell ya!), organized the kids toy bins, played playdoh, played Pet Society on facebook (I am seriously addicted, but it is SO fun! and totally dorky too...), napped, made dinner, family time, relaxed.

3. Saturday: Saw Jason out the door (with Brady telling him, "Don't get in a car accident"), packed up the kids to brave Sam's club with the promise of fun food samples, got to Sam's and wondered why it was dead, realized they don't put out samples till lunch time (but the kids still got some yogurt), got out of there with minimal damage to my bank account (and no tears over not having pizza), stopped by Sonic for a Rt 44 Diet Dr. Pepper, gave in and bought 2 corndogs for the kids (to be eaten with carrots and grapes), put the kids down for naps, started making some felt oranges, caught up on all my TV shows, received the last 2 Christmas packages, cleaned up the kids waiting for daddy to get home. Whew.

4. Saturday evening: Let the kids open a few of the (unlabeled) gifts and dole them out to the rightful owners (we just couldn't wait), packed up in the car and headed to Little Elm (holy COW, it is far) for dinner at a work friends house, mmmmm nacho bar, chatted it up, got out of there so we weren't getting home at 11 o'clock, got home, saw Keith out the door to go help some friends in dire need of a toilet that works, got the kids to bed, worked a bit more on the oranges, headed to bed to enjoy SNL with Neil Patrick Harris (such a good episode, even though it confirmed my dislike of Taylor Swift live, she sounds much better on the radio), played Pet Society to kill time till Keith got home, watched TV to kill time, passed out around 1:30 with the TV on and the front room lights blaring.

5. Sunday: Woke up at 6 to the TV on and the front room lights blaring, had a mild panic attack, got my self together and called Keith (who was still working on the bathroom project), layed in bed waiting for husband to roll home, dozed off, jumped like a scardey cat when I saw a dark shadow in my kitchen, realized it was Keith, went back to bed, woke up AGAIN, got the kids food, got them dressed, sent them off to church with the Taylor's (who seriously ROCK!! and fulfilled one of my Christmas wishes), enjoyed 2.5 hours of MY HOUSE without the kids, put the kids down for naps.

And here I am, watching the Eagles and the Giants (also wondering what alternate universe of the NFL I am watching), laughing at the Fox NFL Robot Guy (I seriously love that thing, he cracks me up, he was just doing the electric slide, and thanks to Google I just learned his name is Cleatus...fitting, no?) and typing out all I can remember of this fun and crazy weekend.

Hope y'all had a fun and love filled weekend too!


Ashley said...

Holy Cow! I got sweaty just reading all you did!! Come on over anytime and work your magic. I'd like a felt orange too please... Did they get the toilet working?

Kelli said...

Thanks to Keith for working all night to help Bryce! And thanks for loaning him to us.

alerts said...