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Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Do List *Updated*

**Not too shabby what I got done today. Of course the thank you cards didn't even get touched. And I don't care who you are, cleaning one toilet is enough for one day. Not sure why I didn't get a picture though, darn it! There is always tomorrow!

Here is my to do list for tomorrow. Maybe if I post it and then have some accountability I will actually DO some of it. I have had a problem lately with lack of motivation to DO anything other than play with the kids or check that darn facebook (and play pet society) or nap or any other number of things rather than the hard and icky stuff I SHOULD be doing. So tomorrow I will update and cross of the things I actually did. Oh, and I have to add SOME fun stuff, or I won't want to do any of it and we are back to square one.

1. Clean bathroom A floor, toilet, sink area.
2. Clean bathroom B floor, toilet, sink area.
3. Play house/Lego's/hide and seek with the kids, they are loving all their new food! (gonna have to do some more of this one later!)
4. Take a picture of the kids bedroom. (We made their beds into bunks since they won't be sharing when we move, and they LOVE it!)
5. Make a grocery list. (Why is this one of the grossest chores ever? I hate planning meals, and no one ever has any ideas of what they want to eat!)
6. Find some new EASY crock pot recipes for nights when I work. (This is a part of me trying to take away any extra stress from Keith that I can. He is so good and cooks every night I work. That's crazy!)
7. Clean off the bar area. Again.
8. Work on felt tomato.
9. Make lunch. (gotta have something easy I KNOW I will cross off!)
10. Nap. (I only got a "na" today, definitley not long enough to constitute as a nap.
11. Start thank you notes for all the Christmas goodness we were blessed with this year.
12. Have to add: laundry. Washed and folded 2 loads already, one more load washing now. Woot!

A very respectable list. Check back tomorrow night to see what I got done!


shellie said...

I have several easy peasy crock pot recipes.

email me your email addy at shellie.kendrick@gmail.com and I'll email them to you.

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