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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A few things I love...

...Natalie napping in my Grandma's rocking chair after church on Sunday. Darn it for not getting a picture though, and Keith said she asked if she could sleep there! Super cute from my non napping girl.

...Brady in his underwears.

...random warm days (I'm talking 80's) in the dead of winter. Gotta love Texas climate.

...warm socks, long sleeves, and the perfect sweats being my work uniform.

...playing Guitar Hero with Keith.

...phone calls from my family. Always always a lovely treat. I will drop everything when they call me.

...squishy nekkid bebeh hugs.

...work "Fridays". Gettin' ready for FIVE DAYS OFF! Woot!

...brownies with pecans and chocolate chips, cool whip if ya got any. mmmmmm.

...surprise (and not so surprise) visits from family. Jason is here, and my Dad is coming soon! Yay!

...dancing ballerinas and soaring supermans.

...good days. Today was a good good day.


Jenny said...

Okay, I just tried Guitar Hero for the first time the other day and I am HOOKED! It was actually the whole band thingie, and I ROCKED THE DRUMS, BABY!

Shannon said...

Good for you! I think the drums are SO HARD, but Keith LOVES them.

Kelli said...

Maybe it's because you aren't a native Texan, but these random warm days piss the rest of us off.

Shannon said...

LOLOL, why??