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Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey honey! I have a great idea! Let's all get dressed in our jammies and cuddle up and watch Planet Earth together. We can have a learning evening together. Ok guys! Come on, hurry up, the show is starting!

Ooooh! Look at all the caribou! How cool, such a large herd! Look how they run all together! Oh, sweet little babies, so precious. Oh look! Wolves, see how they are running and, um...chasing the caribou. Oh...see how they are chasing the weak, innocent calf. Run calf, run! Don't trip! Sigourney said you can make it if you just DON'T TRIP. Run! Run, run, RUUUUN! Oh! Looks like the white wolf is a bit too fast, for the poor, sweet baby caribou. Quick, cut to commercial.

Cue sweet Natalie crying some serious tears for the baby caribou.

Cue Mama and Daddy trying to explain the circle of life, and the food chain to a now traumatized almost 5 year old.

Cue lots and lots and LOTS of hugs and kisses and reassurances that Heaven has a special place for all the animals, and that Jesus loves the animals too, just like He loves us.


Anonymous said...

Soo, even wolves have to eat! At least she'll recognize the one upstairs on the bridge. But, now what is she going to think of Papa's house and all the dead animal heads? I guess we'll have to say: "Yes, Papa has killed animals, but they were all bad". Love.

Julie said...

Poor Natalie!
You know it's funny, I've watched some of that show with my kids, and they didn't have a problem at all. But when they were younger they refused to watch the beginning part of Finding Nemo because they didn't like it when Nemo's Mom gets eaten.

Shannon said...

LOL Dad! No she knows you have animals, we have told her it's like at Bass Pro Shop, LOL! And we finally got out of her that she didn't like that the wolf went for the baby, apparently if the animal was old it would have been ok. So we will just not talk about the black bear, hehe.

Jenny said...

Oooohh, that's so sad! It's good that you explained to her that Heavenly Father has a place for all the animals, too. I bet that comforted her a bit.

erin said...

oh my gracious! even though it is so sad it is just so precious!