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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today after naps the kids and I headed out to the grocery store and I realized the air was perfect, the kids were happy, and the light was nice and soft. So I grabbed the camera and took some much needed current pictures. I realized yesterday I haven't posted REAL pictures of the kids in far too long. There were too many too choose from, so I posted a ton!
Brady was very proud of his new haircut. They cut it REALLY short, but he wanted it that way. He looks like a totally different kid with it so short. He is also modeling some of his new duds. He has just sprouted up like a weed these last few weeks, he has even been having growing pains in the middle of the night! So needless to say I have been bargain hunting, and I have found some great stuff!

Are we done yet?


Mindi said...

Totally cute, they are getting so big. I love the silly faces.

Bobette said...

Natalie's expression is priceless in her last pic.

Mrs. L said...

I think the short hair shows off what a lovely face he has!

haleyhorrocks said...

These pictures are so cute! I think Natalie must look a lot like Keith, except that last picture reminds me of you--maybe in the mouth or her eye shape.

Do you guys ever look at your kids and pick out features they share with you? For some reason that's the first thing I do when I meet people of the same family. It's always interesting to see how people do or don't look like each other.

And as for Brady, I have no idea who he looks like. Do you? He's so blond, I think it throws me off!

Shannon said...

Yeah, we have no idea where brady came from, LOL! I am pretty sure he is ours...he was in the NICU....

And Nat looks a lot like I did as a kid, not so much now, but that is b/c I am older (and fatter!), but she really is a mix of us.

Maybe we should do a blood test on Brady...

googler said...