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Thursday, December 11, 2008

More visitors!

Keith's brother Jason and his Mom are here now. The house is filled to the brim! Lorraine made the kids these capes and matching shirts and Natalie has been waiting forEVER for hers to come.

Brady's is Batman on one side and Superman on the other, with matching T shirts.
This one pretty much speaks for itself.
Jason teaching Brady how to "fly".
He stood like that until we told him he could put his arms down. He was being so sweet!
Da da da DAAA! Princess Natalie has arrived! She loves her crown and wand.
Thanks Grandma Lorraine!


Ashley said...

Those capes are so cute. Beats a towel or pillow case any day!

Shannon said...

They are pretty fancy pants aren't they! Natalie's is like fake crushed velvet, it kind of cracks me up!

Roxanne said...

Those are adorable!

Thanks for your comments on my blog! To answer the question on the felt food - I didn't use a pattern, just spent an enourmous amount of time on flickr looking at other people's creations. I machine sewed as much as possible but a little hand sewing is neccessary. If you search felt food on my blog you can see the other items I've made. Good luck! Let me know if you give it a try!!

Roxanne said...

Hi again Shannon! I used the cheapo acrylic felt from Joanns or even Walmart. Wool felt is wonderful but more expensive and harder to find. The acrylic will cost you about 20 cents a sheet, the wool probably $1.50. Either way a pretty cheap project!

Shellie said...

I love capes for kids. Very cute.