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Friday, January 23, 2009

Photos edited

This morning I had some time, and I decided to mess around with some of the pictures I took yesterday. With the help of Pioneer Woman and photoshop elements, I think these pics turned out kinda cool. I like enhancing the pictures, and taking off the gray cast, but it takes so much work! I did unsharp mask on Nat's picture and I am not sure if I like it, but I was too lazy to change it back! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Nice, dear.

Jenny said...

Wow, what a difference! Where do I find out how to take the gray cast out? That's always a problem in my pics.

Shellie said...

Those look great.

I wish I had a decent camera and a real version of photoshop.

Amber & Robby said...
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Amber & Robby said...

LOVE the editing on brady's pic. I almost didnt even recognize it from it's original version in the previous post.