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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catching Up: part 3

*go here and here for parts one and two.*

The finish to our family day was topped off by a trip to IHop and then we went over to Alley Cats to bowl. But seeing as how it was a Saturday it was packed so we walked over to the putt putt place in the same parking lot. Lets just say there was a reason it was so empty! LOL! A teensy bit ghetto, but we still had fun. The kids loved it, and we will for sure go again, maybe not at that place, but somewhere. I am so glad that Keith's parents and brothers were able to come out for the graduation because we were able to have so much fun.

Of course every time I try and take a picture of Natalie she does this. Seriously, I am starting to understand why this bugged my parents so dang much! LOL!
Nat loves to hang out with the big kids.
Of course every single time I get the camera out to tape the kids, they act all weird. This was the best of three videos I shot that day.


Kristy said...

Your kids are so cute. Brady is such a sweetheart. I love babysitting him because he is always watching out for the other kids around him!

Mindi said...

So cute. I definitely can't stand it when Sierra wont let me take her picture, especially when she's being adorable. Not like now, she's in the livingroom screaming her head off as i type. She doesn't wake up well from naps, especially when she doesn't fall asleep until 4:30. And brady is looking like such a big boy, how's the potty training going?

Danielle said...

Tell Natalie I miss seeing that beautiful face of hers. And I'm so glad you post--we love to see what you guys are up to.

Lori said...

Hey, from the back, Natalie looks just like you at that age. I have the photos to prove it, lol. But you prefered dots to the stripes.

Mrs. L said...

I love that first photo of Brady, he's so stinkin cute!