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Friday, January 16, 2009

New favorite blog

The Long Thread. All about handmade goodness.

And if you like to make things, check out this post about the top 100 tutorials on the web. So cool. So much to make so little time!


Anonymous said...

I guess you must be working you are up so late. Me, too. Can't sleep so I work around the house at night, sleep during the day. Love. Dad

Amber & Robby said...

thanks for the link. Looks like a great site!

Julie said...

What a great link! I've been wanting to expand the kinds of crafts that I make and there are lots of things on this list I'm already eyeing.

Shannon said...

I know, right? I already have at least two new projects I will be starting this week off that list! I love making things!!

intelligence said...