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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Things

1. For the last week or so Brady has watched all or part of The Incredibles, every day. This is BAD, I am embarrassed to write this, the boy watches far too much T.V. (which we hope to remedy soon, with a YARD), but it is just so sweet. He loves that movie. He loves to be Dynaguy or Dash. He quotes obscure parts of the movie (which is also sad, but cute). And I just love it. (Even though I just read that when your kid watches more than 1.5 hours of TV a week in hampers their imaginative play, and instead of making up their own games the play scenarios from the movies instead. Um...my kids totally do that. Whoops!)

2. I LOVE having the bunks up (still haven't taken pictures of it). The kids have so much more room to play, and I just love it.

3. Keith and I found the PERFECT house this week. In our ward, 3 bedrooms, master had an office area, 2 bathrooms, large entryway (a must for me, so people have room to take of their shoes, LOL), 2 car garage, brand new tile all throughout, HUGE closets, HUGE backyard, designated garden area already made. BUT the rent was teensy bit too high, even after them coming down $150 for us, and we would have to move in in February. Arg! I guess it wasn't the perfect house...

4. Operation "cook dinner on the nights I work" is in full swing and is awesome. Last work week went so well, and it was so nice for Keith to have one less thing to worry about. This week has started off to a good start with some seriously good BBQ pork from a recipe Shellie gave me. And the ladies at work just gave me two more crock pot recipes that I can use next week. It takes some planning and a large grocery trip to get everything for the upcoming week of food, but it has been so nice! Though we do have lots of leftovers...

5. I am SO behind on blogs. Seriously, my google reader scares me. It is a daunting task. Luckily I work this week!

6. I love listening to the radio in the car with the kids. They have their favorite songs that they always ask me to turn up, and then we all sing along. I have a horrible memory for naming songs unless I am listening to it, but some of the biggest hits with them are I'm Yours, Viva la Vida, Hot n' Cold, Life is a Highway (Cars edition), and anything Taylor Swift (apparently I DO like her, just not live, who knew?), and I know there are more, I just can't think of them.

7. I loved having seven days off. I got to put the kids to bed, have one on one time with Natalie during Brady's nap, relax at night with Keith, help Keith study, craft, watch TV, and just be. I hope one day I don't have to work, I am SO blessed to have this job, it is basically a dream job for us, but it still isn't as good as just being a Mommy.


haleyhorrocks said...

It's just as well about the house. I'd have had to kill you if you had a house that perfect :)

I can't WAIT to own our own house. Even though it'll happen in ten years (maybe, if then), it's something I think about every day. The amount of storage space I'll need, what color to paint the walls that I won't get sick of, what kind of features my kitchen should have, the correct angle to the bottom of my sink so the water and foot all go down the drain....

Didn't Keith just graduate, or am I way off? Where is he going to work? Do you want to be in Texas for a while, or head back up to the Northwest?

Anonymous said...

You are completely INSANE to even be considering a house until after Keith FINISHES TAKING THE BAR and has a GOOD STEADY JOB. Besides, once you are a little more SETTLED INTO YOUR NEW LIFE, you will have a better idea what you can REALISTICALLY AFFORD to rent or buy. Remember, "BABY STEPS"! Lori and I didn't buy our first house until FIVE YEARS after graduation. End of parental rant. Love. Dad

Shannon said...

LOL, that is why it wasn't perfect Dad! You crack me up. We aren't BUYING, we are going to rent, and we NEED a house, we are just too big for an apartment. Baby steps, we have been in an apartment for our whole marriage, it's time to move up a level! We have decided that it is just too darn easy to find good houses, so we stopped looking for now. Too tempting to go and check out the property, and too easy to fall in love with it!

And Haley, I feel ya on day dreaming about owning! One day, we will, and it will be great! And yes, Keith graduated in December, but he is taking a BAR prep class 6 days a week, until the end of february. It's craziness. And I think we will end up here in TX for longer than we want, but more out of neccesity.

Shellie said...

I'm glad the recipe worked out. and don't even worry. My kids watch wayyyyy tooo much TV. I'm thinking to implement a friends rule of TV only Friday nights and Saturday early morning.