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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ice Cream Makes it all Better!

Yesterday Natalie and I had a rough day (and that is putting it mildly, if I want to be honest) and it just wasn't getting better. After much crying and stomping and door slamming and hugging and kissing and more crying we patched up the issue. Keith was able to come home which allowed Natalie and I to go out for some special time. Of course we went shopping (my infamous Tuesday Morning run, to which she was completely oblivious to the purchasing of that fairy house! Woo Hoo!) and then snuck over to Baskin after hitting up the rest of our errands. She was so excited to get her own cone, and it was nice to just eat without worrying about Brady making a mess! She loved her ice cream and it helped smooth out the rest of the day. I love this little girl so much. And though we have our battles, I know she loves me too!

I need to learn how to make her eyes twinkle like Pioneer Woman does over here. One of these days I will actually use PSE to edit my photos and not just digiscrap!


Kelli said...

Is it an ice cream picture theme this week? How come no one told me?!

Shannon said...

Well, when you have recently had your wisdom teeth out the choices of things to eat are limited. Maybe I should have taken her out for soup, but it's summer and it also happens to be her favorite treat.

Kelli said...

Oh, I was totally kidding! It was just funny because of the Ben pictures earlier, too.

Mindi said...

It's so fun to have special time with just one of the kiddos. It seems like it's always the 3 of us so a special date every now and then is really fun.