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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A year of Sundays: week 3

The kids were felling kinda gross this morning (we blame the excursion to Chuck E. Cheese last night) so we nixed church. So we hung around the house. The kids finally sat down to play in my nice clean living room. (I stayed up on Friday night when Keith was camping and I totally CLEANED this apartment!) More messing with the lighting too. Remember that was part of the plan, so some pictures are gonna stink! But I want to learn to work with my crummy lighting!

Spotless Kids room!
I stayed up till 12:30 organizing those bins on the left! They were terribly mixed up!
My pile of things "to do" tonight. Book orders and a grocery list for some early, early morning shopping tomorrow.
I succumbed to the flash...sigh. Brady said, "My peas is good for my baw-dy." I love his sweet baby voice. Oh, and that wall o' tide in the background? Yeah, that was Jason's "thank you" for letting him stay here. That kid seriously spoils us! Thanks Jason!
As I walked away, I said you guys are adorable. Natalie raised her hand and asked, "I'm adorable?" Hehe, yes you.
I really love Sundays. They are calm and relatively peaceful and you just get to spend the day with family whether at church or resting and recouping at home.

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