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Monday, September 22, 2008

So I don't forget...

I CAN do it all by myself! I kinda skipped over blogging about it, but Keith had the opportunity to go camping with the scouts on Friday night. I will openly admit I was less than thrilled. It is my week "off" and we really only get one day every 2 weeks that we have time during the DAY to do something as a family, so I was pretty upset that we were going to have to wait 2 more weeks for another free Saturday to come along. I think I was also scared about caring for the kids all day, night and another day, all alone. But you know what? I did it! Friday we went to the zoo, then came home and napped, had a quickie dinner with Dad and then headed out to a super great birthday party. We stayed really late, like.. 10:00 late (thanks Stacie for letting us invade your home!!) and had I a fun time talking with the kids about the party on the way home. Little did they know I was keeping them awake so that they would actually go to bed when we got back! Anywho, we got home, took baths, read stories and they went to sleep! It might have helped that I let them both sleep in my room...I'm not big on the kids being on the other side of the apartment (you know, because it is SOOO huge, LOL) without Keith being there, just in case. Well, once the hard part was over the rest of the time alone was fine. I stayed up late cleaning, then Saturday we just played around the house and enjoyed one another.

Over all I had a good time with the kids (absolutely no screaming! woot!) and Keith had a great time at the camp out. He came back telling funny stories about the scouts, and tales of all the fish he caught! I think I am learning, slowly, not to doubt myself! Of course I can take care of these kids on my own, I am their Mommy. I just find it is so easy to depend on Keith when he is here, and now I know that I don't need to do so!


The Eldredges said...

I'm impressed that you got them to stay awake until you got home! We're so glad that you guys could come to the party. It was so cute to find Natalie and Clay playing a game in the closet!

Shannon said...

Natalie said that was her favorite part of the whole party! She told me she likes Clay because he is quiet. I thought that was too funny, she loved that he was teaching her the game!