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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Obsessed much?

A while back we borrowed a movie from our favorite movie store, Sarah's house. You may have heard of the movie, Toy Story 2?? Yes? You know the film? Well, so do my kids! I swear they watch it at least once a day all the way through, and it is on as background noise more than that. Which, I know, is totally horrible, but it just so happened that last week I was working, so yeah, the kids watch too much TV, and then this week I got my teeth out, so I was too tired to take them anywhere (thanks Lortab), so it has just been that they have had lots of free time. Of course I make them play together, but after so much of that they need a break, and this is their movie of choice! They love it so much!

They can quote parts of it, which cracks me up. "No Buzz! I AM your father!" Brady has actually even pulled out the Toy Story toys we have had FOR-E-VER and is playing with them! He likes to carry Zurg and Buzz around. Looks like someone is actually going to be easy to shop for this Christmas! Thankfully it is a classic movie and they still sell the characters, if not I would be hitting the Ebay right about now!

Here are some pictures of Brady from 10 tonight watching it on my bed. It is Saturday night so we aren't pushing bedtime, plus he is being good and quiet, and not to mention really stinking cute! The pictures aren't the greatest, but I hate to use the flash, and I am working so I really didn't have time to work with the settings, but look at those legs! Oh man, it is all I can do not to jump on him and squeeze his little body! And I love when he lays like a big kid with his feet crossed. Man! He is just being TOO cute tonight!

I love this little man! And I have to say I am glad they have picked such a non-irritating movie to watch all the time. I even like it better than the first one, more funny parts!


Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, one of the photographers I just attended a workshop with works for Pixar. He designed and built Buzz Lightyear! Small world, eh? Love. Dad

Kelli said...

I love Toy Story, both. Did you know they are making a third?

Krista said...

My daughter loves watching Toy Story 2 lately!!! That has been all she wants to watch. My mom ended up having a Buzz at her house and she had to steal it. I didn't know they were still selling that stuff. Do you know where?

Shannon said...

They still have the stuff at Target and sometimes WalMart. It isn't really "classic" stuff, but still good old buzz and woody. I bet the Disney store in the malls would have it too!

Mrs. L said...

OH man girl we were just at Disneyland! ARGH. We even went on the new Toy Story ride. Sigh.