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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trip to the zoo!

Well, the weather has cooled off, and seeing as we live in Texas you never know how long it will last, so I thought we should hit up the zoo while it was nice! I sent out a rallying email, and we gathered up some friends and headed to the zoo! Kelli was nice enough to let us take her van, and by nice I mean AWESOME! And Ewan got to tag along with us! Natalie was so excited to have her friends there together with her! It was a beautiful day, and the weather though not cool, was very pleasant. I didn't take tons of pics, because I still have so many from out other trip that I have to scrap, plus I was just lazy! But here are the best ones I got, and Sarah posted more on her blog here.

The kids were LOVING the van! Here is Brady with his new do. He looks sharp!
The three big kids were having so much fun back there! Natalie wants a van so bad, and she has been asking forever for one, now she wants one even more! Perfectly timed picture! Love that smile!
Princess Aubree with her snack. The first stop is always the flamingos. Which Natalie told me was her favorite animal. If only she was smiling at me, this picture would be perfect. I love the light in her hair. I just think she is so beautiful! Pit stop! Time out for potty and snackage!
Oh my cuteness! They did this off and on the whole trip. Natalie is kind of a player, hehe, because the other day I was informed that another boy at our church said she was his girlfriend. Too cute! Attempted group shot!Brady mid silly face. I am so in love with this quiet little boy. He was such a trooper the whole time, being stuck in the stroller. He was so good on the train, he LOVES that train! *sigh* I pretty much love this picture.Well, I had a blast, and so did the kids! I was so glad that Sarah and Jenny both came and brought their kiddoes. We need to get to the zoo more often, there is so much too see and not nearly enough time to see it all!


Kelli said...

Thanks again for taking Ewan! Natalie looks so grown up in the picture with David.

Mindi said...

So fun, I wish we had a zoo. That pic of Nat and Ewan is so sweet. And Sierra is the same way with the boys at school, I think there are atleast 5, but 1 that is here fav.