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Friday, September 26, 2008

The movie dilemma

Is it bad that my kids now ask to watch Star Wars? I mean, it IS a classic, but it is also violent and crazy and kinda weird! But both kids love it...I even succumbed and bought Brady an old school style Star Wars shirt from the great Target, he did ask me so sweetly! What do you think? How young is TOO young for movies like this? Now also take into consideration I don't let them watch it alone, Keith is always right there to explain things, or make them shut their eyes if need be.

Oh, and the funny thing is, Natalie picked out this Justice League cartoon from the library, and after letting her watch it once, Keith put the nix on watching it anymore, because he thought it was too old! Which, it really was, the violence in that show was on a whole separate level, but still...did she like it because she has seen other stuff like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean? I mean, she literally cried when we said she wasn't allowed to see it again, she liked it that much!

I mean I remember watching Dirty Dancing as a child, and I just loved the DANCING, then I watched it when I was older and I have to say I was SHOCKED at how...raunchy it was! I mean RAUNCHY! But, I was completely unaware of all of that when I was a kid. But now as a parent, I don't want my kids watching things that are too old for their innocent minds!

So, what do you do, fellow parents? How do you judge what your little kids can watch? I myself am leaning towards the theory of they already grow up so fast, so why push it? But then, I have no qualms about letting them watch The Incredibles or Mulan or really ANY of the Princess movies! Um...I am kind of answering my own question in these crazy ramblings...there is no getting around violence in movies and TV, it just depends on the TYPE of violence (I feel like the unseen death of a bad guy is not nearly as bad as seeing say, a head being blown to smithereens). I think the important part is to make sure they see the lesson. That good triumphs over evil!


Mindi said...

Our kiddos watch those kinds of movies too. Sometimes I feel a little guilty, or I wonder if it's appropriate, but we always watch them together. I say, use your judgement. If they are getting too violent with each other, or others than maybe they need to not watch, but if it's just for entertainment i think it's Ok, atleast for us.

wishcake said...

I love that you watched Dirty Dancing as a kid! That was totally one of my favorite movies when I was super young. But, like you said, at a certain age you genuinely don't get the innuendos. I loved it for the music and the dancing (and I didn't even realize the dancing was "bad" until I was way older!).

I remember my sister and I asking why it was called "Dirty Dancing" and our mom said that it's because they place they were dancing in had dirty floors. Muahahaha! I love my mom. Too funny.

I think that as long as you are watching a movie with your kids, you'll be fine. I think you'll be able to tell if what they're watching is going over their head, or if they are scared/shocked/freaked out.

Mrs. L said...

Well, you could let them watch Disney movies which have evil witches and the parents always seem to be missing or not around or, gulp, dead :)

Hey, as a kid I watched all those cartoons and I turned out (realatively) fine!

Anonymous said...

I say let 'em watch what they want, as long as there is no hidden agenda or propaganda (as in many Disney films - think Bambi). But, be sure and watch together the first time so you can explain the difference between right and wrong, or good and bad violence. Star Wars is easy! Unfortunately, too many of today's movies and video games glorify the bad guys or bad behaviour - think Grand Theft Auto. Sarah and I used to watch horror movies and science fiction when she was two. Besides, it can't be any worse than some of the lyrics from Guitar Hero. Love. Dad

PS: When is Brady going to be old enough for his first cowboy set?

Shannon said...

On the Cowboys set? I am pretty sure he is old enough now! I love all the pics of Keith that I have seen where he has his holsters and cowboy hat and spurs on...too cute!

And thanks for all the input guys! I think the main thing is to watch together to explain the hard stuff, and then just use your personal judgement, every family is different and every movie is different! Total gray areas!