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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am just loving...

...this nice fall weather! Almost reminds me of home.

...that I can take the kids to the park and not sweat to death!

...getting shown a stinkin awesome new park by Jenny, who surely knows her way around town, having lived her for forever! Thanks Jenny for the new favorite!

...all my new quality time I get to spend with Brady. Playing, reading, lounging, watching cartoons, shopping, just being TOGETHER. I miss Natalie dearly when she isn't with us, but Brady needs this alone time to be able to be himself, and not the Brady that is having to defend himself against the sometimes bossy big sister!

...that Keith said I could enroll Natalie in dance class. I think she is SO ready for it, she needs another outlet for her energy and brainwaves. She is getting bored being trapped in the apartment and it is starting to show. I can't wait for dance, I have been waiting for this moment since I knew I was having a girl!

...that Keith and I are finally finding a groove with his new school schedule and my new work schedule. Meal times are smoother, bed time is getting there, and there is just generally LESS fighting and stress. Who doesn't love that??

...that Keith took his GRADUATION pictures today! Woot! Though this means I need to start thinking about announcements and a possible party. I can't believe it! We are almost done...December 12th is the big day!

...taking a stroll down memory lane and checking out my old pictures! Where has the time gone?

Natalie is younger than Brady is now in this picture, that is just WILD to me!
Oh, this picture cracks me up! She put it on, and did the face ON HER OWN! That is the best part!
2 years ago! Can you believe it?? (look at that head!!)
Little Princess! A bit older than Brady now, wow!


Ashley said...

What cute pics, isn't it amazing how fast they grow??? Graduation huh? I bet you thought it would never come...Thanks again, my blog looks AWESOME!

Sarah Smiles said...

Too bad the fall weather has left us again! Hopefully October cools off!
Natalie will love dance, I know Bella does! Good luck deciding which one to take her to!

Julie said...

Yea for dance classes for little girls! And YEA for graduation pictures!

Mindi said...

Oh my goodness, they grow so fast. I can't believe how different natalie looks now. Her little mouth is so cute in those pictures. I miss you guys.