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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on The Teeth

*Update: 4 sides of Chili's mashed potatoes only equals 8 bucks, with tip! Can't beat that!*

Ugg, so the bottom left to you, right to me side of my mouth is still numb-ish. Not numb so that when I poke it I don't feel it, but numb so that it feels like I have a fat lip and I can't really open my mouth very wide. I called the Doc and he said that every should be fine since it is slowly coming back, just that maybe the blood clot is pushing on the nerve or some other such technical thing. Ugg. I think the worst part of the conversation is that I am supposed to really, REALLY only eat soft foods for a week. Um, yeah, that sucks! Those mashed potatoes from Red Lobster are sounding PRETTY good right now. I love my food, so this is KILLING me, especially because it is my off days, and this is when I like to cook fun stuff and we always inevitable go out to eat! Did I mention, ugg?

On a lighter note, I am ALMOST actually done with Natalie's quiet book? Remember me mentioning that thing?? I should have it finished and ready to laminate by tonight, and I will take pictures and try and post them. I NEED to finish a craft! I keep starting stuff and not getting it completed, and now I am bound and determined to get going on some MAJOR crafting this week!


Sarah Smiles said...

Yes...MUST do major crafting!! I read that thing and it says they have to have a picture that includes EVERY item...bleh.

cassandra said...

i don't know how involved you are in crafting, but you should check out craftster. i just did my first swap and it was great! i sent a great package and got a great package. there are BILLIONS (well maybe not *that* many) of tutorials for every craft you can think of and super creative people. i'd suggest you check it out. i don't think you can friend people on there but my username is cassiecate57