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Friday, September 12, 2008

Just in case...

...the phones go out I will post here for all my family (of worry warts) that we are just fine! I have been watching the Weather Channel all night while at work today and they are really making it sound like we here in DFW area are going to have it bad. We may have wind and rain, but honestly we feel so safe. I just know that all my family will be watching and worrying over us, so no fears! We have water and food (just in case) and cash and full tanks of gas (just in case) and lots of fun indoor things planned for the kids tomorrow! Just keep all those, even those that made it out, in your prayers! What a scary thing to leave your home and not know what you will find when you come back.

Oh, and I have to give a shout out to those HILARIOUS reporters that risk their lives, so that I can sit here and watch 24 hour coverage of the storm! And you have to love the graphics, you know what I mean, they make a graphic to flash every time they start talking about HURRICANE IKE. Cracks me up.

Ugg! And just know when searching for an image to post I learned that all this time I have been missing Anderson Cooper on CNN! Much better than The Weather Channel, but I can't switch NOW! I have vested interest in how these TWC reporters make it through the storm. Blast!


Kristy said...

Yeah, I wish I could have seen Geraldo Rivera on the shore in Galveston as the hurricane approached.

Mrs. L said...

We've been watching. Places we had planned to visit in three weeks are gone. We are worried about the Bed and Breakfast we were going to stay at. They were so nice over the phone when we were making reservations. I'm not sure where my NASA friend was evacuated to, we hope to hear from her in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree Kristy. Too bad Geraldo didn't decide to report from the seawall DURING the storm's landfall. Hope you are OK and still have power. Love. Dad

Sarah Smiles said...

Geraldo cracks me up! I was hoping they would do a spoof on him on Saturday Night Live! He was hilarious bracing himself against the winds and wading in water up to his waist! Crazy man. And you know he does it b/c he's crazy...but I feel bad for those other reporters! Who did you tick off to have to do THAT kind of reporting!!