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Monday, September 8, 2008

Again! *Updated*

Brady went before shower this time, in the potty! Woo hoo!

Though this means I really can't put it off anymore. Gotta pull out the undies. Ugg.

*Update* here they are. Of course I have a million billion pictures, but this is really the only appropriate one for the blog. Keith is pretty convinced that the undies are laced with sugar. Oh, and they are cars. So Brady is prancing around with a big ole Mater and Lightening McQueen on his baby butt. Kill me now with cuteness.


Ashley said...

Ok, this is gonna sound really tacky. But, I think the little teeny tiny undies for boys are so freaking cute!! Me and Jon always crack up when we fold laundry and see Hayden's undies. Go Brady!! They grow too fast huh?

Shannon said...

Haha, NOT TACKY! I LOVED his little undies, that may be why I took SO MANY pictures! Plus his legs are kinda skinny so they were all saggy on his barely there bum too, oh man, so cute!

Jenny said...

soooo precious. stevie loved his underwear too, and i think they might have been his sole motivation for the whole potty-training bit.

again, try sending some potty-training brain waves David's way, will ya Brady?