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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Whew! The weekend is over, and with that all the little bits and pieces of making sure Keith had a splendid welcome into his 30's. We had lots of things going on (some of my planning and some not) and it will take a few posts (hopefully not days) to write about all of it!

I knew waaay back that I was gong to do a surprise party for him because, well, I had to at least TRY and get him! So I decided to do it at a resaurant which would mean WAY less stress for me! No cooking and NO cleanup! We ended up at Red, Hot & Blue on Saturday night. I made up some cute (and pretty funny) postcards (so EVERYONE could see them!) and finally got them out in time.

It was a nice turnout, though it is SO HARD to be able to talk to everyone! I felt bad and so did Keith, which made me feel worse, LOL, and so goes the life of a woman, racking myself with guilt over things I can't control! But I think everyone had a good time and that was what was important!

Oh, I almost forgot...was Keith actually surprised? NO! Thanks to me and my HORRIBLE poker face I gave it away an HOUR before the party! I got off work at 5 (I was covering the afternoon for Sarah so she could get the cake!! Thank you SO much Sarah!!) and we weren't supposed to leave until 6. Well, let me tell you that was HARD! I had 3 hungry people on my hands, one of which was starting to get suspicious by the second. So I claimed I needed to lay on the heating pad (which I really did) and then my excuse was that I wanted to finish the show I had started (Shear Genius on Bravo...love it!) which I also really did, but I am told that I gave it away by a little smile I did when asked why we weren't going NOW. Oh well! LOL, what can I say, I am a TERRIBLE liar! At least there was some semblance of surprise because he really wasn't expecting anything on Saturday. Anywho, we both had fun at the dinner, it was nice to see our friends there even though we weren't able to TALK to all of them! And the cake was cute...complete with a little skateboarding Keith. And the waitress and restaurant were WONDERFUL!

Keith enjoying his favorite appetizer.
Brady, Brady, Brady...this little guy sures knows how to act in public...CRAZY! He wasn't satisfied until we gave in a let him do whatever he wanted! In the name of staying NOT stressed, we just let him, at least he stopped screaming!
Party goers... Erin and Natalie
Sarah and Bella
James and Aube
Kelli and Bryce (Ewan was opposed to the camera that night)
Fynn (he knew what to do!)
Hayley and David
Grayson (Um, yeah can you say CUTE? This is his "big" smile!)
Luke and Hayley
Dad with his JELLY BEANS!
Keith Fake blowing out the candles for the shot ;)
Look at those cuties, and check out that Costco cake!

So in the end Keith was happy and that made me feel good! Another birthday for the books.


Kelli said...

Oh, wow, I look slightly psycho in that picture. It was fun, I'm sorry we all couldn't talk, but that's to be expected. And it seemed like Keith was surprised....

SarahK said...

Hehe...well, good thing I made you work till 5 for me instead of 4! Think of what torture TWO hours would have been! LOL.
It was a FUN party...we know to get a ROUND table next time Ü. The food was delicious!
And typical guy to say after the fact "I totally knew what was happening". But we'll forgive you Keith, since it was your birthday!

Shannon said...

LOL, he was kind of surprised, but he said he knew that there would be people there! It didn't help that the kids were asking where Ewan's car was when we pulled up to the restaurant! He is a good faker! He told me he was going to try and play it off like he had no idea, what a sweet heart!

Danielle said...

How fun!!! I love the picture of Natalie and Keith, very cute.