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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Family Fake-ation

Since we weren't able to have a real vacation this summer (one day...) Keith took 2 days off and we used those to plan some family activities that we just didn't want to cram into one Saturday. The main event was a trip to Hawaiian Falls, at smaller water park not unlike NRH2O or Hurricane Harbor. We were really pleased with it! Our original plan was NRH2O, but Hawaiian Falls was a bit cheaper, I think we saved $20, and since we didn't have very many adults (Only me Keith and Erin) we didn't really need to go to a place with lots of larger water slides. Hawaiian Falls was perfect if you just have your kiddos and want to only do things for them! We played in the wave pool, lazy river, the fountain area (where the water spurts up from the ground), and the large kid structure with the little water slides and the obligatory HUGE bucket of water that dumps down on you every 3 minutes or so. The kids had a blast, Natalie LOVED to go down this little red water slide they had (all by herself, NO help!), and Brady was having the time of his life playing in the fountains. I am sure we will at least TRY to get back there before the end of the season, especially since it is SO close and VERY easy to find! I do suggest this place for anyone with small kids, and no real desire to ride a bunch of huge slides (they do have some, and those were fun!). And the best part is you can bring in your own food!

Since there was no way I was taking my good camera, I only snapped a few pictures during lunch time. The LOVED the Doritos...I mean chips!


Anonymous said...

Chips ARE Doritos! Love. Dad

Shannon said...

LOLOL, I am so glad you caught that Dad! That one was for you :)

Mindi said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I wish we lived close together so our kids could do fun things like this together.

Mrs. L said...

Hey, you don't have to tell folks Hawaiian Falls wasn't in Hawaii :)