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Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Gramps!

I can't believe time has flown by so quickly that my husband is now 30 years old! The big 3-0. We don't care too much about age in this family, I feel like it all depends on how you feel and I know Keith is just a kid at heart! I love him so much and wanted to publicly wish him a happy birthday!! Here are 30 things I love about my old man! In no particular order...

1. He is my best friend, and he loves me through all the ups and downs.
2. He loves our kids and would do anything for them.
3. He loves the Gospel, and he sets a good example for the whole family with his strong testimony.
4. He is fun! He will wrestle with the kids or play video games with me and it is always a good time.
5. I love that he does the dishes, every day!!!
6. He is sweet and kind hearted and balances out my craziness.
7. He loves his Momma and never treats her with disrespect. I love that!!
8. I love that he talks to at least one of his brothers EVERY DAY!
9. He is mad crazy about them Cowboys!
10. He has ambition and drive for life, he doesn't just want to sit around and get dusty.
11. I love that Keith helps me in raising the kids, he is not a guy to sit on the couch while I give the kids a bath or change a nasty diaper, he is right there too, in the trenches with me.
12. I love that he supports me while I am having to work, which means that most of the time he is the one giving them those baths!
13. He never bosses me around (much appreciated!).
14. He buys me things like a fan for my hot office or a heating pad for my sore back. Always thinking about me, so sweet!
15. I love his soft skin! Seriously his arms are so soft and he doesn't even lotion!! (He has all the luck!)
16. I love his sense of humor, even though I don't laugh at all his jokes. Sometimes the man can bring me to tears with laughter, and it feels good!
17. He isn't afraid to be goofy! To dance around with the kids to crazy music, or sing silly songs in the car.
18. He humors me when I ramble on about stuff that he probably could care less about, but he lets me talk and is a great listener.
19. I love when he rambles on about stuff that I could care less about ;)
20. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Whether it's changing a tire in the middle of the night on the side of a road, or just cleaning the bathtub.
21. He doesn't get mad when I am afraid to get my hands dirty!
22. I love how excited he is about law school, and about the job he has now and all that he is learning. He will make a great lawyer one day soon!
23. I love that he is willing to serve others, he is always ready to help with "emergency" moves, or whatever else comes our way.
24. He watched every single episode of the Gilmore Girls with me.
25. I love how excited (I am talking EXCITED) he got over the HUGE container of Jelly Belly's he got for his birthday (thanks Kirchmann's!).
26. I love that he is so SHY and reserved at first, and everyone thinks he is this quiet guy, but at home he is the life of the party.
27. I love that he is OK with a quiet night in, he doesn't want to be out all night doing stuff. He just wants to spend time with me and the kids.
28. He loves sports and fishing and video games. He loves all that guy stuff, and I like that, and I also like that he won't ditch us to do those things.
29. He lives his life worthy. He doesn't drink or smoke or swear. He is setting a great example for the kind of man I want Brady to be.
30. He is all mine! LOL. I couldn't have picked a better match for me in every way! He balances me daily, and makes life fun!

There are more things, tiny things, every day things that make me love this man! I am so lucky and blessed to have him in my life. He is the perfect match for me, and I know that, even when we fight!

I love you Keith Bowers! Happy Birthday!


erin said...

awwww! hehe! i love ya'll! gimme a call tonight and let me know all the details for tomorrow. im not sure if im going to fhe or not but ill still pick up. maybe maybe i could spend the night tonight?? anyways... just let me know. :)

Wrinkly said...

Thanks baby! It has been a great birthday. Your post topped it all off . . . there must be something in my eye. . . no I got punched in the nose . . . or my Visine missed . . . there's a storm cloud over just my face . . . my eyes are bleeding clear blood . . . ok I'm done. Love you!!!!!

Jenny said...

Awww, this is sweet! Keith rocks (welcome to 30-land!)

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Keith! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you, but you will have to settle for a card in the mail--which mailed today.(Sorry.)

Our husbands are truly brothers because so many things on your list could fit Ryan, especially #26!

Go wild and crazy!

SarahK said...

Happy Birthday Keith!!!!

Kelli said...

Happy birthday, Keith. Finally, some more company in the land of the 30s.