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Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Friend's House by Natalie

Story in quotes and pictures by Natalie, introduction by Mommy, typing and translating by Mommy too.

The house on the right is Natalie's house, the house on the left is Ewan's house. This is a picture of the apartments, with the neighbors downstairs. "Natalie went over to Ewan's house and said that, "I want to go somewhere with my friend, Ewan." "
"Me and Ewan were playing dress up and I was playing my Mom's dress up and Ewan was playing his Dad's dress up. I love Ewan"
"My Mom taked me to the park, and we had a lot of fun, and I climbed on the slide, and then I went on the swings [on the upper left] and had a lot of fun. I love Mom"
"And then there was flowers, that are really pretty, and I made a rose for Mom, because it looks so pretty, and I made a sunflower and a daisy. I love Brady."

A week or so ago Natalie drew me this cute book, and the elaborate story she told was so cute! Of course the story has changed a bit (not as looong), but the same principle and main characters are there. I love scanners!


Kelli said...

Oh, man, they need to get together! That is so cute. I'm gonna show it to Ewan sometime today during a quiet moment.

Cheree said...

This is so cute. And I second that – scanners are awesome! I’m so gonna be an “electronic pack rat” and scan Caedyn’s pictures and preschool homework. Can’t wait. Too cute.