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Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Sting!

Friday night Keith took the kids to a Fourth of July gathering with some friends of ours, and it all seemed to go off well without a hitch. Except for the fact that Natalie got STUNG. BY. A. WASP!!!! My baby girl! I may have overreacted when Keith called me, but that was more from the fact that I couldn't be there when I knew she was in pain. Keith said she took it like a trooper and after the initial cry fest from the sting stopped, that she was fine! Some anti itch stuff and a magic bandaid later and she didn't even look back! She surprises me with how she handles things, it shows me I need to not overreact too much because she will watch me and learn how to cope. Luckily I wasn't there to make it worse.


Julie said...

Poor thing! I'm glad that she got over it quickly.
How sad is it that Kelly got his first wasp sting yesterday, too?! He was not a little tropper though. :( But I didn't try a band-aid, maybe that's the trick!

Ashley said...

I got stung by a wasp a year or so ago. I was freaking traumatized. It hurt! I got stung in the web of skin on my thumb. I called that wasp lots of curse words!

Kelli said...

I felt so bad for her when she started screaming. It's just one of the rites of childhood, I guess. Poor Natalie, but she did handle it well.