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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Face lift

Though I love my header that I have had, I have been wanting for awhile to give my blog a face lift, so forgive any wackadoo color schemes you may see. I am working on finding the perfect one for me, created by me.

*Update* Well, this is it, for now...what do ya'll think?


SarahK said...

Dude that is so rad! You will have to show me how you did the header!!! I can't wait to learn!

Shannon said...

I can't wait to show you! The hardest part is figuring out what you want! I still think I want to add more to it, but I don't know what!

Mrs. L said...

Love the new header! Can you tell me how you did it too? I need to update mine. The new colors are great.

Bobette said...

The new header looks great!