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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Time

Wow! I was looking back through my front page and it has been a loooong time since I have posted pictures of the kids. I am learning that when I don't work, I just don't get on the Internet that much! I am behind on reading my seriously long list of blogs, and I just haven't posted anything of much importance. That is because when I am not vegging out, catching up on missed TV, playing with the kids, running errands or napping...the only Internet time I have is normally spent downloading free "scrapping" material offline and then organizing my ever expanding folder of scrappy stuff.

We normally try to have Family Home Evenings on the Mondays that I don't work and this week was no exception. We gave the kids a choice between finger paints and ice cream, and to our surprise they chose finger paints. It was messy, but it was worth it. It seems like when I work we just don't spend ANY time together as a family, and even when I DON'T work we rarely do either because I am always running around doing things at night that I don't like to do with the kids, from grocery shopping to craft nights to church stuff to just plain Mommy time!

I had bought these paints ages ago because I loved the colors of them! Teal, purple, green and burnt orange from Crayola! I couldn't pass them up!

"Look! Mom's letting me get messy"

"Let's try some arm painting too"

"Um, now what?"


cassandra said...

Jeez! Natalie is getting so big!

Mrs. L said...

I love the fact that all you guys were finger painting!

Jenny said...

Great idea for family time! I'm definitely going to use it!