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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My favorites!

So Missy did a post about So You Think You Can Dance and it got me looking and looking and looking some more and loving all the old routines. Here are my favorites. I love this show, it was SO good this season, I am so nervous about how it is going to end up! All the dancers are great at this point (except Comfort) and I will be sad to see anyone go!

This one got me hooked on the show, and Chelsea and Mark!

and this one! I LOVED these two together!

and this one was CRAZY GOOD! Smokin'!

Jessica and Will had some REALLY good ones too!

I love Tyce's work, all of his are fun, even the Broadway ones!

and of course there are lots more! What do ya'll think of this season? I think it ROCKS!

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Julie said...

So many great dances! I LOVE the one with Mark and Chelsea with her in the fluffy white dress! And I loved Gev and Courtney together!