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Friday, July 11, 2008

What a day!

Though Wednesday night didn't end like I had planned due to me having to work until 10 rather than 8. Thursday went well and I am so glad! The kids and I were out the door and running around by 9:15, and they were such troopers! After shopping (we got Brady a blue doll stroller, some golf balls and such for Keith, and a new puzzle for Natalie...stinkin' Christmas in July!) we headed over to the potluck, and then after a brief incident with a D-R-Y contact lens we headed home early to fix my scratchy eyeball, and get the kids in bed. So after a somewhat pleasant afternoon I met up with Sarah for some Chinese Buffet (woohoo!!) and some chatting. It is so nice to be able to get out a complete sentence without being interrupted every other word! After eating WAY too much we headed back to Sarah's to start making some ABC Quiet books for church (Sarah finds the BEST crafts). They are looking REALLY cute by the way, WAY cuter than the example, no offense! Anywho, so we talked and crafted, and then other ladies started to trickle in! Julie, Bonnie, Haley, Betsy...by the time we were all done it was 1 O'CLOCK!! Holy Cow! Where did the time go?? I have no idea, but it was SO NICE to actually get a real project going, and to just RELAX! Which I have really been needing to do! A very long day, but a good one, and one I wanted to document! I need to remember to write down those fun days to remind me that life isn't always hard! LOL!

And I will post pictures of the final book when it is done, my goal is next Sunday to have it laminated and bound. We shall see about that!

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Bittles said...

that was soo fun! I felt bad I had no idea what time it was and I kept waiting for Hayley to be ready to go (thinking she drove so I'll wait for her to give the cue) but then when we got outside I realized I was the one who drove, duhhh. It was so fun. And I seriously want to buy an ABC book from you, how much????? Yours is so cute.