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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Why didn't anyone tell me that Big Brother 10 started???? I totally missed it, and just set the series to record tonight! Who knows how many episodes I am going to have to watch online! Looks good (from the 30 seconds I saw!! LOL). I am SO excited, but not as excited as I will be once I see the first show, that is always the one that gets me pumped up! Keith is the one that caught it and he said form the living room, "OK, I am going to feel guilty if I don't tell you this but.....(insert me getting a teensy bit nervous).....Big Brother has started and it's on right now." He cracked me up with his dramatics, he really doesn't like that show!


LCFrohm said...

It's all okay! It only started Sunday, and last night was the veto comp.
Tonight is the first elimination!
So not too much to catch up on.

Ashley said...

personally, i loved the first episode. i'll just fill you in: the old guy checked to see if the blonde's boobs were real..

Jenny said...

I love Keith's guilty little secret!

Mrs. L said...

Your Aunt watches. I watched the first two years and then had to stop as it was way to addicting to follow online too!