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Monday, July 7, 2008

Over time

Looks like I am going to be working some extra hours over here. So we can get us one of these babies! You know you want one.

P.S. We are seriously doing it! Hurrah!


Mindi said...

oh my gosh that is so funny, I can definitely see you guys doing that. Keith will love it. Which one are you getting, and what are you going to write on it?

Shannon said...

We will get the small one, but I have NO idea what to put on it! Ideas are always appreciated!

Jenny said...

I absolutely love that you're not even from Texas but your Cowboy love runs so deep.

Anonymous said...

You could write: "Paid for with the food out of my children's mouths." Love. Dad

Shannon said...

Dad!!! That's why I am working OVER TIME silly! And seriously even Keith is trying to party poop on this one! But it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am SO doing it!

And Jenny...didn't you know that the only reason we applied to TWU-Law was b/c of the cowboys, and we got in, so it must have been fate! LOL, Keith is a born Cowboys fan!

Danielle said...

You guys really are hard core Cowboys fans. That would be a fun thing to have if you end up in Texas for awhile--the kids would be excited to see their "paver" in years to come.

My name is on a brick down in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland. I don't think I have found it in awhile.

Ashley said...

Man, y'all are serious fans!!