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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Guess What?...

...We saw the bluebonnets showing their pretty heads today! I love the way they looks so bright the color looks unreal. When they start to cover the grassy areas on the side of the freeways it looks so beautiful! It is one of the best things about Texas..in my opinion!

...There is nothing better than your spouse coming home one hour early!! Today Keith got off work early and it was such a nice surprise to hear that key in the door.

...When said spouse comes home it is fun to eat out to "celebrate"! Red Robin is yummy (and worth drive up to Hurst)! We totally eat out way to much, but it is so hard when you just DON'T want to cook after a long day, and when the taste of Freckled Lemonade has entered into your brain.

...Somehow or another when one of my kids decides to go through a troublesome/hard/frustrating/hard/whatever-you-want-to-call-it stage the other one knows Mommy can only take so much and acts like an angel. This time it is Natalie's time in the Naughty seat, and Brady is Mommy's little helper.

...Charts with stickers make EVERYTHING easier, and more fun!

...It has happened again. Number 3 off THIS list. Except this time I look like some circus side show freak. You can come over and see it if you want, but I may charge $5, it's pretty crazy. (I need to take a picture so you don't all get scared, I do have a tendency to exaggerate, but my right eyebrow really is mostly gone. Possibly and inch left. Darn that fidgeting!)

...My kids got to play in real, live dirt this week! They were so excited you would think it was Christmas. Thanks Betsy!


Kelli said...

Okay, being a true blue Texas, I have to say they are blueBONNETS. :)
It is nice when the spouse comes home early. I wouldn't know anymore, though. He wouldn't even come home early for Fynn's broken leg. And yes, Red Robin is yummy.

Shannon said...

Gah! I was sure they were bluebells! (Natalie and I were even calling them bluebonnets and then somehow it switched to bluebells,and we thought THAT was right!) Where did I even get that from, the ice cream?!?! Thank you for correcting me...lol. Regardless of what they are they sure are pretty!

SarahK said...

Ya'll must have been driving WAY out in the country to get that pic...LOL....Im excited to start seeing them, too...we're going to get a picture in them this year, hopefully! They are just so pretty.
And dirt? *GASP* it's amazing! LOL.

Shannon said...

Hehehe..that pic is courtesy of google images...Nat picked it out! It is pretty though isn't it? And hey! I have no aversions to real dirt, just germy dirt! We just don't have any so my kids don't get to play in it much...

Anonymous said...

How do you change germy dirt into clean dirt? Boil it in water? Vaccuum it? Sweep it? I saw people sweep dirt in Brazil. I think it was still dirty afterwards, though.

Mrs. L said...

I don't think I've ever seen real bluebonnets...I've never been to Texas when the flowers were out.