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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My Dad left for Oregon today, I was sad to see him go. He was able to be here for about a week, and it was a good time. Lots of hanging out, eating out (thanks Dad!!), and lazing about. Sometimes I think that is the best because we were able to talk and it was really very nice. Dad also took some pictures of the kids which I hope to be able to post soon (hint, hint).

I knew that we wanted to do at least one "field trip" and Dad said to pick something that we wouldn't normally do if he wasn't there. So after perusing magazines and websites we settled on the Renaissance festival in Waxahachie (HERE), aptly named "Scarborough Faire" (yes, I had that song stuck in my head for days, and dang it, there it is again! Arrgg!). We really had not a huge idea of what to expect, people in costumes, real princesses, turkey legs, not much more expectations than that. Well, it was wonderful! SO many costumes, and some were fabulous (of course some were just weird, and some were just weirdos). Right as you walk in there is a place where you can rent costumes, Natalie was starting to waver on the experience due to all the strange looking people waiting around outside the gates(my favorite was the little gnome with his trowel digging for treasures), so of course Papa suggested a costume (it took an HOUR to get!!), and that helped her get into the spirit. As it was our first time we really didn't do more than walk around and poke our head in the shops while people watching. It was FUN! I want to go back so we can actually watch some of the events and things that they do, but it might take a bit of convincing to get Keith back there!
Brady had fun looking at all the people, and stuffing his face with whatever he could get his hands on!
Natalie's favorite spot was a little "fairy garden" with a gazebo made of vines. She informed me that it was hers..methinks the costume got to her...

Natalie in her fairy garden.

All hail the King...
...and the Queen!
So we had a good time, and of course took NO pictures of the cool people. If you have the time (and the money) I suggest going. Just pack your own food and water!


Mindi said...

So adorable, I love Nat in that costume.

SarahK said...

We are so totally going to go to that, I'm so glad that it's in Waxahachie until May! They had a big Renaissance festival in Vegas that I always wanted to go to but never got a chance! Thanks for the heads-up! Looks like ya'll had fun.

Missy said...

Okay no offense but we always make fun of people who go to Scarborough Fair! I worked with a guy that always got dressed up to go there every year. His outfit was complete with a leather coin pouch. So funny. But I've heard it's actually pretty fun and my sister and her fam used to go almost ever year and bring back weird cups but I can honestly say I've never been myself!

Now going to the Shakespeare Festivals is something I'd like to do more often because it's free!

SarahK said...

oooo.....a Shakespeare Festival, too?! Cool...but why make fun? What's the diff between THAT and this Scarborough Fair? Hmmmm....or is it that Shakespeareans make fun of Scarboughians because THEIR lasses look like their lads?! LOL...I kid, I kid...ALAS thou shalt behold thy friends at both!

Danielle said...

it is always so fun to have mom and dads visit. especially when they spoil your kids--because they miss them so much. glad you had a great time with your dad, and we hope to see you up here in the great northwest (or north pole as I refer to it as) sometime.

Anonymous said...

Did you have to sneak the food in? The website said no outside food.

Shannon said...

Missy-you know you love it! And hey, WE didn't dress up, we just gazed at all the people who did, and some of them looked great! Very Authentic, and cool!

Sarah-you comment had me laugh, laugh, laughing, and thanks for having my back! LOL

Danielle-We are coming! We should be up there sometime this June, but for sure sometime this summer! We want to be there for a part of ryan's break (but not all so we don't steal your time!) so we can all play!

Anonymous-We didn't know about the no food rule...but we just had one of the kids bags packed with snacks and PB&J and water and it was under the stroller. No one questioned it or anything. I wouldn't suggest trying to smuggle in a cooler, but you can also leave it in your car and leave the park and eat at your car, we saw lots of people doing that as we left.

Kelli said...

Ooooh, I want to go.