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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Restaurant Review: Red Hot & Blue

My Dad had to ship some things home from the FedEx store and it just so happened to be in the same strip as a Red Hot & Blue, which Keith and I have seen numerous times, but never tried. Dad ran in and grabbed a menu and after we glanced at it for like a second we decided to have our final dinner of the trip there. They serve Memphis style BBQ and you can check out their site HERE (beware, there is sound). We all really liked it, it has the same style of food as a Colter's or some other cafeteria style BBQ place, but you sit down, and there are TONS more choices of food. We will probably go back, seeing as how Keith loves ribs, but I refuse to make them (too much raw meat). The kids menu was good to, with actual vegetable choices that they would actually eat. Overall a B+.

I must have an issue with taking family pictures, because even though I PLANNED on taking pictures of my Dad with the kids, this is the only picture of him I got. We were munching on yummy spicy sausage. I think he is handsome, and I didn't even get a good picture of the ponytail! Dang it!
Mmm...saltines. Heaven forbid they wait for the food


Kelli said...

That's what saltines are for, so you don't have to wait! And your dad is very handsome.

Mrs. L said...

Back in the day, your Dad would make big fun of guys with ponytails! (but I think he looks great with one).