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Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Attempt

So we tried it, the texas tradition of Bluebonnet pictures on the side of the freeway, but all the "good" places were in such a place that Keith was in no way, shape, or form gonna let us park on the miniscule shoulder. So we finally found a place and got a few pictures. We need to go again, and feel free to leave locations in the comments. I think we just didn't drive far enough on 408? There really were some great places there, but no place to pull over.Natalie of course LOVED the flowers, she wanted to take them all home! She has a handful in this picture that you can kind of see.Brady wasn't too thrilled with the long grass. Oh, I just want to pick him up and squeeze him in this picture!


SarahK said...

Those are really good pics!

Jenny said...

Very cute pics, my fav is of Natalie looking off to the side.

Mindi said...

Your kiddos are just so adorable, I'm sure you dont get tired of hearing that.:)

Kelli said...

Good pictures!