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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They would like to play...

In honor of the wii mania we have been experiencing in this part of the world I thought a wii post would be appropriate.

We finally caved and started letting Natalie play wii bowling with Keith on nights that I work. She started out shaky, but now her high score is like 143 or something crazy like that! The kids gets spares and strikes half the time! She loves to play, and it is a fun way to get some quality indoor family time. Brady didn't want to be left out so we tried letting them box. It was hilarious.
Brady and Nat boxing.

Brady "bowling"

Here are the kids bowling. Natalie of course gets a great bowl just in time for the camera.

Boxing with champions! The kids have such a good time doing this, and our ultimate goal, to tire them out, was achieved! Of course it is so hard to get them to do the funny stuff they do on film!