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Monday, April 28, 2008

Quilt A Long

I have been reading Crazy Mom Quilts (HERE) blog for quite awhile now and she has completely inspired me to start quilting again. Awhile back she held a "quilt-a-long" on her blog where each week she showed a different square and how to put it together and at then end showed how to finish it up, and viola! All the participants had a quilt. Well, she is doing it again, and this time I am going to participate. I am so excited! I will post pictures here of my progress so that I will be more motivated to keep up! Here is her picture of the finished quilt (I am going to use blues and greens instead of pinks), and HERE is the link to the post that explains it all. Anyone can join and follow along, you don't even have to have a blog! So if you are interested, try it! She makes it really easy with great step by step directions. Wish me luck!


Jenny said...

Wow, I would absolutely love to try this. But I'm completely sewing-challenged...is that going to be a problem?

cassandra said...

your blog is so pretty!!

Shannon said...

Cassie-thank you and HI!!!!

Jenny- I don't think so! She makes it pretty easy to understand, this will be my first quilt with actual design squares! You should really try it!

Danielle said...

good luck, sounds like you will have fun. quilting has never been my strong suit. i leave it to those with more patience than i.