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Friday, April 25, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

...how 'bout you, you, you? You can come too, too, too! We're going to the zoo!

Natalie has been singing that song over and over this week. And luckily for her we had been planning a surprise trip to the zoo! So it worked out well. We didn't tell them where we were going until we got in the car for fear of us getting rained out, but the day was actually quite nice with breezes, so we lucked out on that as well.

I love this picture, of course it is only good because he has no idea I am taking it. Brady was pretty much on a picture strike today. Stinker!
Nat loves her some cheesy grins!
This guy was posing it up for us, he even beat his chest a little. Cracked us up.
The kids LOVE the train. We actually splurged and bought zoo memberships so it was cheap to get an all day pass. We rode it a lot, and they would have done more if we had the time! I have a feeling some of our trips to the zoo will consist solely of train rides!
Look! She does exist! Momma on the train.
Daddy on the train.
Natalie on the train.


Look! It's Brady! In a non blurry shot! He is such a funny little boy, he had so much fun looking at all the animals. He hated to be in the stroller (big surprise), but he walked so slow! We told him to quit moseying along and catch up, and he said he liked to mosey! Too funny.
I like zoom.
A lot.
We tired Nat out, she crashed almost immediately upon getting in the car. Brady, ball of energy that he is, stayed awake. Only to crash immediately upon getting in the house!
Overall, a good day! Good weather, good family time. I am excited about our memberships. The kids love the zoo so much and it is so hard to see everything in one day! They are going to get sick of the zoo this year, I can feel it!


Mindi said...

That looks like soooo much fun, I wish we had a good zoo around here, but there is nothing.

Shannon said...

I know, that is so weird that there is no good zoo in Spokane! I always wondered about that! Another reason why you need to come VISIT US!

Danielle said...

I love watching my kids at the zoo. It is so fun to see them see an animal for the first time.

hummerbob said...

I thought you didn't get any pictures of me! Looks like you're enjoying your camera. Love. Dad

Mrs. L said...

Great photos! I'm loving the pics you're taking with your new camera! The zoo looks like it was fun.

Kelli said...

Great pics! I really love that one of Brady looking off to the side.

wishcake said...

Tell me that song is by Raffi. Please tell me. Because I lived for Raffi when I was young.

:) Ah, the good old days...

And I see you mentioned Spokane in one of your responses to a comment - so crazy, because that's where I grew up. Have we talked about this yet? I always freak out and get excited when people mentione Spokane...heehee.

Glad you had a good Zoo Day! You take such great photos!

Caedyn said...

Aww Man! We missed you by a week! (We’re going to the zoo this coming weekend.) I hope the weather is just as nice for us as it was for you guys!
Cute kiddoes!

Shannon said...

Mrs. L- I love the camera!
Wishcake-You lived in Spokane?? I don't think I knew this...you will have to drop me a line, or I will! I wonder if we knew any of the same people, it is a big town! I actually went to HS in Cheney.

Ashley said...

Great pictures! I never get tired of the zoo.