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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Block one and fabrics

Here are my fabric choices for the quilt along. The blue will be the large X's that go throughout the whole quilt and the greens I will use to make all the star patches. I am in love with the blue polka dot material and the greenish swirly material on the left. That was actually the first material I picked out and the rest followed. It is going to be a huge quilt and hopefully it looks good!

Here is my first block completed! I am pretty proud of myself because most of the corners match up, except for the first one I sewed! It was hard, but so fulfilling! I really didn't get a great picture of the block colors, but you get the idea.

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Jenny said...

Looks great, Shannon! Ooohh, I'm tempted to try...

Kristy said...

It will be such a beautiful quilt. I really like those colors!

Melanie Kym said...

Hey, if workin out and getting healthier is something you strive for, then you totally need to get on board with us!!! There's nothing skinny minnie about us. We all have our issues! BTW, I love the quilting idea. Wish I had the time.

Amber & Robby said...

So I decided to join you in the quilt along! At first I thought "oh I have too many projects going right now" or I wasnt really sure if this was something I was good enough to do. But I decided, how hard could one block a week be? And her directions make it look so simple. Im sure it's not a easy as it looks, but I think I might be able to do it! Thanks so much for the info on it.