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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update and a funny

I realized this past week that my days have become very routine when I work, not much going on. So that equals not much to post about. The kids and I enjoy various ways of killing the morning by either taking Natalie to school, going to the library, window shopping, etc. Then we come home, eat, nap, and I am off to work.

This weekend my Dad is coming to visit...Yay! And so we should have some great pictures to post, and hopefully the weather will clear up a bit so we can do some fun stuff.

Until then I have a gem of a video that I actually caught on T.V. last night during my late break. I don't normally flip on the tube, but I was getting really frustrated at work and just wanted to find something funny...and boy did I! *warning* this clip has questionable content, but it was on Leno, so nothing R rated. If you watch it and find it distasteful, and you will, don't judge me... but I was rolling around laughing last night, it was exactly what the Dr ordered. I mean it, don't watch if you don't want to possibly be offended...that is my disclaimer right there.


Ashley said...

Ok that dude is hilarious, if not a bit peculiar... He sorta looks like he might have bad breath. Maybe it's just me??

Kelli said...

That was so funny. Why have I never heard of him?

Shannon said...

OK ashley now that was funny, I never even thought that, but now I do. And I have no idea how we have not heard of him, I guess he has quite a story and is a bit raunchy, but still HILARIOUS.

Ashley said...

I looked him up. He has a "colorful" life...


LCFrohm said...

I love love love the clip.
He's very... peculiar. Good word. Ashley.
I think the movie is going to be greatness.
Thanks for the laugh this morning.

wishcake said...

Muaha! What a funny video! I love random people like that. I kind of want to hang out with him.


And I'm excited to see that movie, actually.

Mrs. L said...

And just where are all those photos of my Uncle with his Grandkids? Heck, even he has sent me photos already!