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Friday, April 11, 2008

Biggest Loser

I know there has to be someone else out there watching what has surely been the most emotional season I have seen yet! I definitely cried when those girls pulled out those final numbers! I just finished watching, so of course I didn't get to vote, but I totally would have voted for Mark purely for the fact that I want a GIRL to win the show! I can't believe how fantastic Ali looks, and Kelly has done so much! Who did you guys vote for? or if you didn't vote who would you have voted for?

This is Ali before (on the left) with her mom.
And this is her after, right before leaving the ranch! Isn't that amazing?? And she still has a few months to work out before the season finale, there is no way she isn't winning! She did awesome!
Even if you have never watched an episode in your life I would say to watch the finale on Tuesday, the before and after photos are so inspiring. It is crazy what a person can achieve if they put their mind to it!


Mubeen said...

I LOVE the Biggest Loser and totally want Ali to win!!!!!!! She looks so dang good!! The awe inspiring thing is that Ali did most of that weight loss on her own! Then when she came back, Jillian helped her with more! I need to borrow Jillian for a couple months! ;-)

Ashley said...

I love that show. But, I didn't watch this season. I tried out twice, and obviously never made it. I will watch the finale though, they always look amazing!

Missy said...

Well look at me getting Mubeen hooked and not even finishing the season?? I"ll watch the finale because my sister was telling me how amazing and inspiring this season has been. I do love Biggest Loser!

Haha, I need to borrow Jillian too!

Kristy said...

I have only watched the past couple of weeks, so I don't know too much, but I am totally going for Ali too. She is so dang cute! I am going to be watching Tuesday, or at least a recording later that night.

Mrs. L said...

This is the only season of Biggest Loser that I've watched. I really wished Dan had gone all the way.
Though I think Ali did great, I admit I'm voting for one of the guys. Kelly...I don't know, there is just something that never sat right with me about her.