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Saturday, December 4, 2010

blogging fail and a birthday weekend!

So obviously, posting every day in December isn't happening. Whatever. I have been busy sleeping working hard on keeping the house clean...ish.

Anywho. Yesterday was my birthday. The big 2-8. And I have to say it was probably the best birthday (including today) that I have ever had. Ever.

The day started out with sweet birthday wishes from my kids and Keith, and a surprise present in the form of a mix "tape" made just for me by my honey! He actually listened to me this year! I told him, he didn't have to spend money, just time, and it would be fabulous. I love the CD, and it's nice to know that he hand picked each song for a special reason.

After dropping Natalie off at school and napping with Brady for a bit we headed to the OB for the BIG ultrasound. You know the one. Where we check to make sure the baby is healthy, and the spine is straight, and the palate is formed, oh yeah, and the SEX OF THE BABY! I could barely sleep Thursday night, I was so nervous! After a very thorough US confirming that I am growing a healthy, whole, baby the nurse told us it was time to check. As soon as she put that wand where it was supposed to be and those little legs and tushy popped up, I knew. Ain't no mistaking those "boy parts" (as the tech called them). Anywho, it is a boy! 100%. To be honest I was sad. Really sad. But we were happy about the health, and after a few sad moments and a check with my OB we headed out.

Keith had to go back to work and Brady and I headed over to my friend's house for lunch with a few of my most favorite ladies. Which is where I broke down and cried it out for my hopes of having a girl being dashed. I would have preferred to cry it out at home, in private, but such is life! It was nice though to be surrounded by friends that get it and didn't judge. After crying they proceeded to spoil me by making me lunch and pretty much treating me like a princess. Love you girls! Thanks for a wonderful birthday afternoon!

Then...after all that excitement, Brady and I picked up Natalie, told her the news (she was neutral) and headed home to get changed for dinner out at Red Robin. But not just any dinner out, dinner with friends and spouses and kids. 17 in all, I think? It was a crazy fun time. And that was definitely helped by the fact that all the men sacrificed and squeezed into a corner booth with ALL the kids, sans a few babies. Seriously. And all for me. They rock! Proof that there are great men out there! It was a nice night, with lots of chatting, seriously good food, and just what I needed.

And, since I am making this post the longest one ever I will sum up Saturday morning as fast as I can. Keith let me sleep in, then I headed out for a little Christmas shopping and breakfast, by myself(!!), while he stayed home and cleaned. And not just cleaned, but CLEANED, the bathrooms. I almost fainted with delight. I was also granted a nap, with lunch ready when I woke up, AND he mowed the lawn. I told him he was setting himself up for failure every other year because he truly outdid himself this year. And he didn't have to spend a dime! That is my kind of birthday.

Oh, and this morning I am totally excited about the fact that it's a boy kicking it around in my stomach. I even bought him his first pair of shoes! Now it's time to get ready, only a few more (quick) months till he makes his arrival.

Baby's first photos:
profile shot. button nose!
Looking right at the camera!

 Do you see what I see? Yep! It's a boy! (I like how she wrote "boy parts". Ha!)


Mrs. L said...

Congrats! And I have no problem having another boy cousin around :)

Mindi said...

I am so glad you had a fun birthday. And I love the pics, i can't wait to meet this little boy on the outside.