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Monday, August 9, 2010

Crafts I want to do...

I spend a lot of my free time perusing the Internets and bookmarking fun craft and gift ideas. Here are a few that I WILL make...one day!

Paper dress banner in a shadow box. How cute is this? I love all the little details, and it is so feminine! Would make a great piece of art in a little girly room!

I WILL make this fabric monogram! I am really into monograms lately, I think they are just so fun and so personal! This one is truly almost TOO easy for a tutorial, but hey! I am just sad I didn't think of it first!

When Mindi comes we are TOTALLY making some of these wet bags! I need to work on my zipper skills...these will be perfect for Min because she does cloth diapers! Plus, any new Mom should really have a bag in her arsenal for all those blow out clothes! No one wants to be stuck with stinky clothes and no where to put them...been there, done that!

and a few more links...because I am too lazy to do the pictures! Ha!

Handmade baby blocks...what a great Christmas/birthday/baby shower gift!

Noodlehead's gathered clutch...a perfect way to practice my zippers!

Sketchbook caddy...with kids that love to draw as much as mine do I am actually ashamed I haven't made these yet. I smell a Christmas present in the works!

Toddler and crib sheets...somebody PLEASE let me make you some custom sheets! The possibilities are endless and I am dying to try this out!

So much to make so little time!


Together We Save said...

Lots of cute ideas!! I am not very crafty... and I am so jealous of those who are.

Julie {Coco1981} said...

I totally made one of those fabric monograms!!

And I love the idea of making my own crib sheets. I might have to try that out!

Danielle said...

I would love for you to make me some crib sheets--too bad we live far away.

Shannon said...

Danielle! I would LOVE to make you some sheets, and they would be so easy to ship! What colors are you liking for Cole's bed?

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Hmmm...I need me some crib sheets :). How much yardage do you need for that?

Christie said...

Hi there! You are completely right. I did do it right on my bag even though the picture does show it with the shiny side down. Because I have my shiny side on the inside! Weird. I must have forgot and almost sewed it wrong. SO, yes, you are right. The PUL goes shiny side up:). Thanks for that!

Shannon said...

Oh! thank you so much! We made them last night and they turned out great! Thanks for the clarification!!

I'm Sadie said...

I LOVE the dresses and the monograms! Great work! I am going to be using my thinking cap on how to do this on my own!