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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shtuff to do

Summer is FLYING by for me. I have just finally gotten into the lovely groove of sleeping in, and it's blissful, but it also makes for shorter days. I have been trying really hard to plan fun things for the kids and I to do, but more often than not we stay at home and entertain ourselves. I figure if they are playing nicely making elaborate Lego cities and not fighting, why disturb the (relative) peace just so we can go out somewhere and possibly have crankiness and whining on the agenda. No way. Not gonna happen. Even if I have to break up fights at least 3 times a day, it's still been pretty smooth around here (with the occasional forced morning nap). I think most siblings get sick of each other and need to be split up once in awhile, and mine are no exception!

Anywho, I have a whole list of things I wanted to get done this summer, and though some have been crossed off, many have not! Here are a few fun things I have planned, I would love feedback or ideas from you!

1. Creative Hands paint your own pottery studio. Heck I think this stuff is fun, so I know the kids will love it. And they have a great range of prices on the things to paint. That's a plus.

2. Going to a local pool. Like our favorite Howard Moore. I can't believe I haven't taken them to the pool yet, it's just too hot to really play outside! I am such a wuss when it comes to heat.

3. At home painting projects. One I am most excited for is some small canvases I am going to have the kids paint. I got a few colors that match my "color scheme" and I will let them each create a work of art, then we can display them proudly! I also got a few super cheap, like 50 cent, ceramic figurines that they can paint. I do love that they are old enough to paint paint paint! And to them it's such a treat.

4. Picnic and sprinkler party with friends. Hopefully this week! It won't be so unbearable sitting in the heat while the kids play if I have some Mama's to chat with!

5. A few more trips to the Fort Worth Museum. I still haven't actually taken JUST the kids, we always go with friends! I think I need to take them alone once...I don't know why, just for quality Mama time? Eh, I am probably just being weird on that one.

That's all the big stuff I have lined up this far. What are you doing to make the rest of the summer really great?


Simply Sarah *K* said...

That Creative Hands place is right by the chiropractor I go to! I drive by it each time and wish to go in there! Maybe we should get a sitter for the young'uns and take the big girls sometime?? That would be so fun!

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