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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to: keep your kids entertained

1. Pull all of the desks and tiny chairs from around the house, remove Mama's desk, and place strategically in the craft area to create a school, filled with coloring books and paper and crayons and markers galore.

2. Be sure to set up an art table complete with paper, glue, scissors and pencils, let them go to town.
3. And the teachers desk (for "learning time").
4. Leave the other half of the front room for sewing and messiness (wow! that is really messy, it's organized chaos I promise) and laundry.
5. Get to work (and play!)

Everyone is happy with this set up and we are all together beating the heat under the fans. Plus it's so fun to see the kids playing school, when I remember loving that game so much as a child!


Mindi said...

I loved playing school and office when I was younger. I need a setup like this at our house.

Shannon said...

When I set up it made me realize that I have a ridiculous amount of little people drawing surfaces! There is one more desk and two chairs in my garage waiting to come in!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

That desk in your garage better be a crazy-cool color next time we see it!! haha :)
Gotta love giving the little people things to distract themselves!

Mrs. L said...

I loved playing "office" when I was a kid. I used your Aunties steno books she brought home from her office and would write "shorthand" which I don't think anyone, even me, could read!