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Monday, April 27, 2009

The House: In Pictures

Alrighty, get your scrolling fingers ready! Here is the best walk through I could do of the house. Lots and lots of pictures.

This driveway has been very nice to have, the kids have plenty of room to play without being in the street. One of the first things Natalie and I bought during our girls weekend was the flag. I was so excited to have a flag! I asked the landlord if I could tear out all the "monkey grass" (as he calls it) from the flowerbed under the tree, and he said, of course! I can do whatever I want! I can't wait to get started on it and plant some flowers there. I just hope that by the time I have the money and time to do it, it isn't too far into the summer.
Our garage has this little landing before the back door, and I love it! It makes it so much easier on us all taking off our shoes!
Plus, look at all that storage, it's a thing of beauty!
Into the house.
The teal (twilight) washer. So pretty, and it works really well too! And it's ours!
We were afraid the kitchen was going to be a downside, but it has turned out to be just right. I have been cooking and baking a lot more in there, and I don't mind it being more separated from the rest of the house, that just means I can turn on my radio and sing along and I am not bugging anyone else.
The dining area is very small. I don't think we could get a bigger table in there if we wanted to! Maybe if we did some bench seats against the walls...hmm...it sure is fun to dream!
Second computer area. We were actually pretty excited that the computer worked out here, because at first we had no idea where it was going to go! But this works out great. Ignore the mountain of boxes, those are some of the last things that need to get sorted before we are officially done!
The living room, which seems barren, but compared to the tight quarters we had before, I don't mind it!
Front door and entryway. I love having the tile there, makes it much nicer when strange AC repairman have to come in and out and in and out and in and out.... Saves me from having to vacuum!
The bookshelves got filled up pretty fast! And we still have another stack of law books to fit on there somewhere.
The craft area. LOVE having a place specifically for sewing, coloring, even reading. The kids and I use this place every day. And it is nice to not have to clear up all my stuff every time I get a project out! If only we could get that dang rug to quit wrinkling on us.
The fireplace we will actually be able to USE this winter because it is gas. I need to get a wire on the back of that frame and then my mantle will be complete, minus the Easter bunnies of course. Is it bad that I am already getting excited for Christmas? I can't wait to hang stockings! Oh, and the basket hold diapers, which I am thinking will be completely phased out in the next few days!
Down the hall are the bedrooms and the main bath. I love the kids bathroom. That googly eyed shower curtain was a great find a few years ago at Wal Mart. And the shaggy bath mat was a steal at TJ Maxx, cheaper and cuter than anything I could find at Target. (I know, it's shocking!)
Natalie loves her room so much. I know most of that is because the novelty hasn't worn off, but I think if we change it up often she will stay excited about it. Right now she has her kitchen turned to make a little play area in the corner. The kids did that themselves and played restaurant for half a day.
Brady's room is plain in comparison to Natalie's, but boys just don't have as many knick knacks and tiny things! Almost all of his toys are on shelves in the closet or in bins under the bed. It makes for a much easier clean up!
And lastly is our bedroom. The extra space for my office has been probably one of the best things in the layout of this house. In our apartment there was literally no room for me to scoot my chair back, because the bed was RIGHT THERE. Now I can actually maneuver, and it is absolutely wonderful. I have a window to open for fresh air, the TV to keep me company, and work has been a lot more enjoyable. And yes, I know our bed is sad, we need a bed frame very badly! We were bidding on a gorgeous sleigh bed from a corporate apartment that Keith's work was auctioning off all the furniture from, but apparently the head honcho came and outbid all of us and won all the stuff. I had a few choice thoughts about that one. Thanks for getting our hopes up...jerks!Anywho! That is our house, minus the backyard (the grass was too high for a picture, haha) and the hall. We just love it, and I promise not to post anymore pictures! I think I am just still in shock that we finally made it into a house. It still seems so unreal.


Caroline said...

Ok, so I'm a tad jealous. All I can think is that it will be another SIX YEARS before we can even THINK about looking into a house. That means Davy will be 8 before he actually gets to live somewhere with a yard. For a girl who grew up on 5 acres, had chickens, dogs, cats, cows, and horses this is a VERY hard thing.

House looks great! Natalie's room is adorable, and I LOVE the tiger in Brady's room! And I am so stinking green with envy over your craft corner!

Mindi said...

Love it. Too bad it can't be right next door to mine. That would make it perfect. Someday, right?;)

Danielle said...

So fun! More space makes things so much more relaxing--we know.

Julie said...

Fun walkthrough! Maybe some day I'll actually be able to come over and see it! ;)

Anonymous said...

The house looks great. I can see why you are so much more comfortable. So
Brady has inherited the tiger, eh? Hope to see it in person soon. Love. Dad

Cheree said...

Your house looks wonderful Shannon!
You should check out Craig’s List for furniture. You can get a full bedroom set for next to nothing!

Rachel said...

The house looks aweseome. Congrats!

erin said...

oh dear! i am very very sad... i wanted to come see you all so bad but i am worried it isnt going to happen. call me when you get a chance. i am not really up to anything. i am in cheney right now.