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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My heart is full...

I have decided that December for me is going to be the month that I kick start this bad blog again! My own personal BloPoMo (or blog posting month, if you aren't weird like me who knows that such a thing exists...). Anywho.

Tonight my heart is so full! And what a great way to start off a wonderful, spirit filled month. I hope to do a little something to serve the Lord and his children each day this month. I have been blessed beyond measure in my life, sometimes I wonder to myself, "why me?". Why do I deserve all these blessings? But we all deserve to be blessed! I just need to remember to be grateful and show that gratitude more often and to spread the wealth around with service!

I was able to be surrounded by some wonderful ladies tonight at my church's Relief Society Christmas party. We ate good food, heard good words, and had a rousing game to top it off. It's fun for me to see the Sister's in my ward grow closer together, and it's really fun for me to get to spend time with my awesome friends! I have been blessed with beautiful friends, that love me even if I get snippy or sassy, and they make me smile on a daily basis. Some say that good friends are hard to find, but these ladies fell into my lap and I scooped them up and don't know what I would do without them! Love you girls!

As I was driving home I had to say a little prayer of thanks or I thought my heart would seriously explode. *enter cheese here* I have a husband that is my perfect help meet, puts up with all my crap and my ups and downs, and lets me know when I need to simmer down. He is proof that the Lord loves me, because without Keith...let's face it, I would be a mess. My kids are pretty much made for me. They know how to drive me crazy, but I just can't get enough of them! I love to watch them grow and think and interact with each other. It pretty much doesn't get old, well, unless I am tired and cranky, of course, but even then, when they come in the room I can't help but smile, and I am always up for a cuddle! And don't even get me started on my little bean! (Yes, I am pregnant!!! That is definitely a major factor in my recent disapearance, all free time was spent sleeping the last 3 months, rather than writing) I just can't believe it's finally my turn, AND we get to find out what we are having on Friday! It's hard to contain myself actually, and I am surprised my friends are still talking to me. Ha!

Anywho, I know this post is quite possibly incoherent and downright rambly, but I had to put down all these thoughts before I fall asleep! I guess my point is, that even through struggles and hardships (and I do have those, don't get me wrong) there is always always something to be grateful for! And right now for me it's a beautiful family, blossoming new life, wonderful caring friends, and a Gospel that has helped me to fill my life with love abounding!


Simply Sarah *K* said...

Good stuff, Shan!! You deserve all the blessings you can get!

Mrs. L said...

Giggle, hey, I know what a BlogPoMo is! But aren't you supposed to post EVERY day? Not gonna happen on my blog, LOL.