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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini bedroom makeover

For the longest time Keith and I have neglected our poor bedroom. We had a white down comforter bought at least 4 years ago on black Friday, mismatched pillow cases and nothing on the big wall above the bed (there is a mostly before pic in this post, but the bed is in a different location). I have been wanting to remedy this for a long time, but short of buying a whole new bedroom set I was stumped, and since a new bedroom set is not in the works for us just yet...I was stuck with what I had! Which was bugging me! So I have been on the constant thrifty hunt for something just right for us, look wise and budget wise.

On a recent trip to Joanns with a friend we spotted these HUGE cardboard letters, and an idea was formed. On that same trip I found the perfect scrapbook paper in all of my favorite decorating colors, and a date was set to get to mod podging...one crafty afternoon later and voila! Some personalized wall art, made by me! I love the sconce things too. I got those AGES ago at wal mart and recently spray painted them cream. Much better than the original black.
Please ignore our teeny tiny pillows...I am too cheap to buy the big King ones, and another reason I never do is because I am holding out hope that we will get a smaller bed sooner rather than later!

The bedding was another great find! $27 for a King comforter, 2 shams and a bed skirt (thank you Ross! Love that store...)! Woo hoo! And I love the color, it's the perfect shade of aqua. We already had brown sheets, and then I used some of my Kohl's cash from school clothes shopping to get a frilly white sham and a super soft brown throw pillow. I would love to have a headboard, and actually I would love to have a queen bed, but for now, I love it! It looks like a real grown up bed, haha, and not so ho hum.

Now if only we didn't have so much clutter in our bedroom....hmmm...I smell another project in the works!


Danielle said...

we could totally take both those bookcases and renovate them! (if you want. i mean, i think they look fine, but it would be a fun project.)

Danielle said...

ps - everything looks GREAT! i love the b.

Shannon said...

I need to clear out Keith's junk and all the extra books. I was thinking of painting them or something, or maybe swapping it out with the white one with doors I ahve in the garage. It's a neccesary evil for all the stuff that would be in a home office, but gets stuck in our room instead!

And thanks!

I think we will be doing lots of furniture refinishing this fall!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Love the B!! Looks so good...and those colors are just divine! :)

Karen and Mike Sharp said...

The B turned out so cute! You're so talented, girl!

Mrs. L said...

Love the "B" and the sconces. We just started redoing our bedroom. Like you, we don't have a headboard. Unlike you though, putting things above ones head in earthquake country isn't really the best. But it looks so good in your room, I may have to reconsider!

Cheree said...

Everything looks GREAT!!! Why would you ever want a smaller bed? I have a king and sometimes wish it was bigger!! We don't have king pillows either, but because I don't like them (too long and akward for me). We just have 3 standards and put them across - I think it looks good. :-)