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Thursday, July 15, 2010

under construction!

I really wanted to change up the look of the blog, but of course it takes up so much time! So it's gonna look a little crazy around here until I can sit back down to fix it...gotta get back to real life for a bit!


Danielle said...

eh, real life. it's overrated.

if you need any help, i kinda have the whole 'writing html' thing figured out. well, KINDA.

the annoyingest thing is now blogger is weird, doesn't have minima anymore. or does it on yours?

Shannon said...

Yeah, it has minima if you go to the edit HTML tab and then scroll down. Which is what killed my time. tried the new dumb layouts and then found good old minima. Now I just need to alter it and get the columns how I want, the buttons how I want, and decide if I want to do the special "pages" bar across the top. I used to be so good, my blog was super cute, then I slacked, and now it's crazy! LOL!