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Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh dear.

I love to bake. Love. But since I started weight watchers I haven't really had the chance, because if I bake something I eat at least half the pan. Keith is more an ice cream guy, and of course I try to limit my kids servings (if only I was that diligent for myself!). A friend of mine is hosting a craft night tonight and told everyone to bring a dessert. Yes! That means I had the opportunity to peruse through my favorited recipes and pick the most decadent one, because I can take it to the party, have my five one small piece, and let everyone else eat it too!

I settled on these Fudge Revel Bars from Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen website (I can waste hours on that site!). The blog showcased a plethora of bars and brownies last week and I about died looking at my computer screen. These ones SCREAMED eat me, and the ingredients are very simple!

They are cooking right now, and I am pretty sure I gained about 5 lbs just from making them. I am thinking I may have to take any leftovers to our neighbors to keep the temptation out of my house!


Mrs. L said...

You're like me. I try to take extra desserts to my work or give them to hubby to take to work so they don't end up on my thighs. Though the Peanut Butter Cup Cake never made it to anyone but Mom :)

Danielle said...

i love pioneer woman! (bring the extras this way, please!)

Shannon said...

I've got a filled plate with your name on it! Expect a drop by tomorrow ;)

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Those were SO YUMMY! OH my! I have one left...and its taking an extreme amount of control not to go in there and snarf it down!! Thx for bringing such a yummy treat!!

And BTW....love your new header. If it's new...lol...dang google reader.

Shannon said...

It is new! Thanks so much! I finally made one to match bits or bobbins, I am now very cohesive! ;)

Torres Family said...

I found your blog through Ashley Ann's. You have some seriously cute stuff, AND I love that you love TPW. I hav yet to make one of her recipes that I didn't love. These bars from TK look divine!